Experience… Investment Or Waste Of Time?

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Today I want to share one of my childhood memories with you. Several years ago, as a child, I went to one of my cousin’s birthday parties. When your kid a birthday party is like payday! Grabbing a plate of chocolate cake was like sponsoring 5 reps at once! I don’t remember all the details of the party but I do remember how the party ended.

It was about 4 o’clock and everyone had their fill of some great barbecue and was getting ready to leave. Before anyone actually made it to the door someone pulled out a piñata full of candy. The kids went nuts! (Myself included). The adults gathered all of the kids in a circle and gave each of us a turn to crack the piñata open. When it was time for our turn each of us would be blindfolded and given a wooden bat and a chance to crush the piñata that was swinging from a tree. The first few children took their turns with no results My “birthday boy” cousin was up next to bat just before my turn. I waited with anticipation for my turn. He took two swings and BOOM! The safe was cracked! A few pieces of gold fell out of the pinata and on to the grass.

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At that very second I lost complete control of my body and my animal instincts took over. My legs immediately began to sprint toward the gems on the grass waiting to be claimed. I was the only kid within a foot of the candy. Everyone at the party was actually still standing around just watching me. What I failed to realize was that everyone could see me running for the goal, except

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for the maniac kid with a blindfold and a wooded bat that was still swinging for the fences. At the very moment I thought about turning back, SLAM! I took a brutal grand slam right to the stomach… and the only sound I heard was the crowd go “uuuggghhh”. The party was over.

This really has nothing to do with marketing or building a business, except to say that experiences can be painful. However, what is even more painful is not learning from experiences. I guarantee you from that day forward before I ever ran for another piece of candy I was 100% sure that the batter was “aware” that kids were going in for the kill… not to be killed! It’s so simple to learn from other people’s mistakes, but why don’t we? I wish I knew the deep answer to this question, but I don’t. However, if I do find the answer you can be sure I will post it for you! I came across an interesting quote from Og Mandino in his book, “The Greatest Secret In The World that says“In truth experience teaches thoroughly but her course of instruction devours men’s years so the value of her lessons diminish with the time necessary to acquire her special wisdom”. Experience is somewhat overrated, wisdom is not. In the same fashion internet marketing is a here and now business. I hope you find some value in this post. I strongly urge you to shorten your internet marketing or network marketing experience “curve” by surrounding yourself with wisdom at MyLeadSystemPro.

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