Has Your Site Become Stickable?

What does stickability mean in the internet world? It means that you create something that makes people want to return to that site over and over again because it contains relevant and current information they find useful.

Adding news feeds,local weather reports or stock prices to your site are things that people look for all the time,and it improves the rate continuing viewers to your site.

An example of sites that do this are sites such as Google or KuleSearch where you will find these feeds on their main pages.

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Other examples of sites with stickabilty are WebHosting sites like GVO or a lead and mail system like the TrafficWave autoresponder where online businesses build lists and once built, it is very difficult to give the site up.

More enticing tools to obtain stickability are grapics that change, articles on specific niches, industry related surveys, and polls to vote on that can keep your customers coming back to your site day after day.

Captivate your audience with things that are of interest to them.

This will make your site stick out as the one they want to return to time and time again.

Stickability is just one of several marketing terms that you can read about when you check out articles on this site.

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Dennis Wile is the Owner of Ezine-Money a popular blob that has over 100 articles and tools on internet marketing.

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