Choosing Topic For Your Next Article

Have you ever sat at your PC, staring at your blog and asking yourself what to write about next?

Someone recommended looking at books in and see the table of content. That can present you ideas to write about.

Another source of idea is Google’s Wonder Wheel.

What Google offers us is a “mind map” layout for how they look at the keyword phrases we’re using.

Here are some tips in successfully using Google’s Wonder Wheel.

1. When examining a niche, examine all the subjects Google says are linked to the original item to figure out if you like to write about these topics.

2. When coming up with content ideas, dig deeper into the 2nd and 3rd level to keep discovering additional linked items to your main theme.

3. Arrange results by the last week or last 24 hours to see what individuals are stating about your subject recently.

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Another remarkable way to generate ideas is to – ask your website visitors.

Your web stats tell you what people are interested in reading about.

Traffic to your website type all kinds of keywords. That list of keywords is beneficial for your internet business because it means that Google already prefers your website to some degree for all of those keywords.

Here’s what you do with that list:

1. Check those keywords to identify which ones are gainful for your internet marketing.

Run the keywords through Google’s Keywords Tool to see if they get any visitors at all. Even a few dozen queries a month if it’s a highly-targeted keyword is already satisfactory.

It would be useful if those keywords have strong commercial intent.

2. Select the keywords that have the most potential and write about those topics.

You can write content for each keyword one at a time or all keywords

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at the same time. It’s all up to you.

3. Get links to your new content pages using the keywords as the anchor texts.

You can use the Free Traffic System to get the links you want for your new content pages. But be sure to change the anchor texts. You don’t want the same anchor text for every link. Otherwise that would be red flag for Google.

4. Go over and rinse.

Once your new content is up and starts to get ranked, you’ll notice your site ranking for even more keywords that you weren’t targeting. That means more chances to create new content on internet business resources.

A niche web site can build fast if you take the time to check your stats a few times a month and do the above steps. You’ll possibly receive more content ideas in there than you can handle.

So next time you find yourself staring blankly at your blog and asking yourself what to write about, merely see your stats.