MLM Levels The Playing Field For You

Mlm is a recent day form of business that has been around since around the 1980s. Network marketing opens up to the working class people the chance to own their own business and do it all from home. And my own home based business Infinity Downline is considered by many people to be Networking marketing but in a number of respects is quite a bit different than most other network marketing companies out there.

Companies that have decided to employ multi-level marketing to distribute their products are traditionally very different than other non MLM companies. You might be wondering how they are different? MLM structured corporations pass a long a percentage of the profit from the selling of their product to the rank and file users who actually utilize their product. Non network marketing companies wouldn’t be caught dead do so.

All Multilevel marketing organizations have what is identified as a compensation plan that spells out specifically how they will pay commission to the affiliates who use their merchandise.

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Built into all comp plans is a means for affiliates earn commissions for not only what products they purchase, but to be compensated for other users who use the product. Why to you think this occurs?

For a simple explanation, if I buy the mlm companies product then I am paid a commission. If I then tell you about it and you buy the companies goods or services we both then get paid. My commission is based on the fact that the sale would not have been made if I hadn’t recommended the product to you. There is still more to it.

Then if your friend goes and informs one of their own friends about what a great product they got, lets give that friend the name Joe and Joe uses the product then you earn and your friend each will be paid commission for that sale because you both have some responsibility for Joe buying the product. You share in this responsibility because you brought in your friend who then brought in Joe.

A number of marketers refer to all multilevel marketing programs as pyramid schemes. However their are firm legal guidelines regulating MLM practices. That term was actually created due to the unlawful practices of some early MLM companies who were marketing with out actually having a product, legal or otherwise, and only paying their members from the only revenue being garnered, not from sales, but from recruitment fees.

Actually the term Pyramid Scheme came about in the first place, is because a graphic representation of an MLM comp plan looks a lot like a pyramid. For example, consider who your downline appears as you start to build it, the subsequent levels below you widen from more peoples efforts. For example if you bring in 2 people, who bring in 2 people, who bring in 2 people, you are at level 3 and there are 4 people there, hence wider.. Like a pyramid, it is narrow at the top and grows progressively wider on the way down.

When your new members and their new members duplicate yourself with their own efforts and pass this on to their downline, you will be paid on all of their successes. J. Paul Getty a much famed entrepreneur from many decades ago made the famous quote that stated he would rather earn commission from 1 percent of 100 people than 100 percent of his own efforts..

To be accurate though MLM opportunities usually don’t impose a thresh hold on the quantity of people you can sponsor personally, however the flip side to that is the levels deep that your organization can go down is usually limited. Another thing to know about considering most MLM comp plans is that each level down will earn you a different percentage of commission.

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In those cases that means an MLM can only pay out so many levels before it runs out of commission it can distribute.

Now take my own company Infinity Downline as I stated earlier is the fact that it is considered to be an ordinary Network marketing company by tons of people who really do not know but honestly it has a far removed from the typical mlm comp plan instead. Let me show you some of the major differences.

1- The creators and proprietors do not take any of the proceeds from membership sales. ( They are not going broke though, with the sale of additional products to the members they do quite well financially )

2- There are no fractions of disbursement of the commissions, no in fact all members receive 100% commission no matter what level it comes from

3- The amount of levels you can be paid on below you never stops. It may be 5, 10, 100 or even a million levels deep that it goes as there really is no limit.

4- This is how it gets its name Infinity Downline.

Network marketing for sure smoothes out the home based field of business and with a collective committed downline, hefty profitable downlines for all can be constructed and individual members and their entire teams as well can gain major pay checks. Many affiliates in Network marketing have received huge glorious incomes from their mlm home based businesses.