How To Create And Asset From Your Website

A database of customers is an extremely valuable asset for any business and internet marketing experts know the secret

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of how to create this by using their websites. It’s almost too good to be true! How would you like to be able to market your product and services to

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your customers and prospective customers totally free of charge? That’s right no marketing costs at all.

You can do this by simply capturing the contact details of all visitors to your website. Then all you need to do for each new marketing campaign is to press send on one e-mail which at once goes to everybody listed on your database.

Many business owners don’t realise that the true value of their business is in fact in the list of customers that they have built up over the years. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and if you have a large list of customers you can tap into this lifeblood at any time. Whenever you need a boost in sales you can simply fire out an e-mail with a great offer to your list and almost immediately it appears in their inboxes.
Capturing the names and e-mail addresses of everyone who visits your website is a very powerful tactic and most businesses make the big mistake of neglecting to do it. It is actually very easy to do and there is some very good low cost software available that can put the whole process on autopilot for you. It will even work for you while you sleep. Once you start building your list and send off your first e-mails it won’t be long before you start seeing the first orders coming in automatically.

Internet marketing experts also understand how important it is to follow up regularly with your prospects. It has been estimated that prospective customers have to see your promotional material 7 times, on average, before they make the decision to buy from you.

This is, of course, the average number of times that a prospect needs to see your advertising material and it could vary from one to 49 but it is most often about 7 times. There could be many reasons for how often a prospect needs to see your material and if you understand those then you can improve your conversion rate but in the mean time the fastest way to utilise this fact is to ensure that all prospects are followed up quickly to ensure that they see your advertising material 7 times.

If you were using standard marketing methods it would very costly to make sure that your promotional material was put before your prospects 7 times but if you utilise the internet the cost for marketing 7 times is no greater than for marketing once.

A great advantage of using internet marketing is that you can set up an automatic follow up system that gets your advertising material seen by your prospects and customers regularly without any extra work required from you.

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