Blog Commenting Vs. Forum Posting

There are many different ways you can promote your website or blog for free and two of the best include blog commenting and forum posting. These two types of internet marketing allow you to not only interact with your niche community, but they also allow you to build links which will help you rank well within the major search engines. The title of this post is blog commenting vs. forum posting which is a bit misleading since there is no right answer. Both forums and blogs offer great chances to build links and build connections with your potential niche audience.

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One important thing to remember about internet marketing is if you are trying to earn money online it is important to build a solid presence with plenty of content for you to market.

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Blog commenting is one of my personal favorite internet marketing techniques because bloggers are becoming one of the most powerful forces on the internet. Marketers and businessmen all over understand that if you build a good connection with a blogger you can usually get amazing coverage of your website or product for an amazing price or absolutely free. For those who are looking for quality backlinks using blog commenting it is important to understand that the only way a do follow blog will allow you to publish a comment is if the comment is of top quality relating to the post. You can find do follow blogs by going to Google and searching for “u comment I follow”, keyword luv search engine, or do follow blog directory. Using these searches you will find hundreds of do follow blogs in almost every niche. When you find quality blogs that you enjoy make sure you bookmark them so you can return for good information and backlinks.

Forum posting is an amazing way to not only build a few thousand backlinks easily, but also learn and connect with people. The first forum I started with which taught me search engine optimization was This is a basic webmaster forum which allows you to place links within the signature using BB code. When marketing with forums you need to understand that without quality posts you will get kicked off the forum or have your signature links removed. Do not leave short little meaningless posts such as “good post” or “thanks”. To have a successful forum marketing campaign you will need to read the full post and have something relevant to add to the discussion. It is also important that you are kind when you disagree if you turn out to be a jerk then the moderators and admin will likely kick you.

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