Long Term Internet Marketing

Many think that hits to their website right now is always a really good thing. This is not usually the case and time is actually better well spent on the long term rather than participating in such activities as exchanging traffic or buying hits. To really make a lot of money online there are a couple ideas that would be good to get in your head. The first is if you want thousands of people to come to your site without having to do massive amounts of work there are three things you will need. The first and most important thing in any internet marketing campaign is creating content that not only attracts visitors, but also helps them out so much they are willing to share your website with their traffic by placing your link on their website. If you are creating good content such as the content on my make money blog then you will get links from other websites without you having to work at all. The second thing you should do for a long term internet marketing campaign is build permanent links from high quality websites. This is quite difficult to do, but will pay off with high search engine results. The third thing you will have to do is wait for all your content and links to catch up and for Google to trust you.

Now usually content and links will come together quite nicely. You may have heard that backlinks are extremely hard to come by, but you if have great content then many websites will exchange the content for backlinks towards your website. The most common type of website that exchanges content for links is article directories. These are not the only types of website though there are blogs, forums, and many other types of social websites that if you offer original content they will reward your hard work with links. Backlinks and content are the two most important things for a website and will both be needed if you want to succeed online. When building links be sure not to build

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links on websites where the links will not be permanent. For example classified ads are great for those looking for a little boost of traffic, but not for link builders since ads expire after thirty days. You might see a bump in the SERPs, but after they strip the ad you will drop back down. So stick with long term link building such as free directories, article directories, and link exchange.

The third and most difficult aspect of long term internet marketing is the time factor. This is what destroys most people who start an online business. The majority of people who start an online business are use to the concept of a days work being paid in a reasonable amount of time. Well when it comes to online business you will usually not see the first few months of work until after the first year. What is great about sticking around through the hard times is when you gain the trust of Google and other major search engines you will no longer need to work nearly as hard to stay on top and keep building an income. So do not start an online business unless you are willing to stick around for at least a year or so.

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Also remember one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is staying informed with new tactics and concepts so find a webmaster forum (v7n.com/forums/ is my favorite) and begin learning.

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