How To Increase Traffic With Internet Marketing

There are many different methods for those who are wanting to increase the amount of free web traffic coming to their website or blog. The most important thing to understand is when you begin marketing only use whitehat internet marketing. This is the type of marketing which Google and the other major search engines look upon as ok. The other type of marketing consists of black hat internet marketing which will usually work for a small amount of time, but when Google and the other major search engines realize you cheated they will either ban your website or drop you deep within the index. This style of marketing is not bad or evil the only thing wrong with it is the techniques are looked down upon by Google. Some of these techniques include cloaking keywords which is making them the same color as your background, using h1 tags and hiding them with css, repeating keywords over and over, and using improper link building methods.

If you use black hat seo when trying to rank well usually you can rank very high for a very short period of time. The problem is search engines are extremely smart and will notice how you reached the top for whatever keywords you are trying to rank well for. The best option when trying to build traffic by ranking well in the search engines is to use only whitehat techniques which are internet marketing techniques Google and the other major search engines recognize as legitimate marketing.

Some of the white hat on-site seo techniques that I recommend using include placing keywords you would like to rank well for somewhere on your site. This does not mean repeating the keyword a hundred times making your website very unpleasant for your visitors. All you need to do is place the keywords a couple times throughout your website and you will find yourself ranking somewhat well. Some of the key places you should place keywords if you can do so without losing readability include the URL, meta title, meta description, headings and within the first paragraph of content. These parts of your website are what the search engines look at the hardest.

Usually placing a keyword on your website will help it rank within the top thousand, but if the keywords is commonly used such as the terms “internet marketing”, “make money online”, and “online business” you will need to start building links. Link are actually quite easy to come by if you know where to look. Some of the most common resources for link building include article directories and forums. Some of the article directories you should submit your content to are,,, and If you would like to build links with forums the first and number one forum for not only link building, but also learning about internet marketing is This is a great forums, but you should also be looking for

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forums within your niche. If you have a fishing website or blog try to find a fishing forum that allows you to leave a link within your signature.

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If you would like to monetize your traffic after marketing try this get paid to read emails website.