Making Others Market Your Website

Very few webmasters and bloggers reach the point in their online business where they no longer need to build links or promote their web presence. This is because they have created such a unique and helpful presence the audience they build with basic internet marketing builds the links for them. I have seen such instances of this with the major blogs such as,, and When these top bloggers publish a post the people within their niche link to the post because they are an authority. This will not happen overnight you will need to spend years creating amazing content within your niche and the content you do create will need to be new and unique. The content is what separated these people from the rest of the bloggers and webmasters within their respected niches. They found a way to create content that needed to be created for their niche helping people by the thousands.

The content even for those who are not famous will be what people will market for you.

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If you create a website that has a bunch of affiliate websites which I have done with my website make money online free people will not help you whatsoever because it lacks original content.

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I have found the difference between blogging and creating a static website is when you blog about relevant issues there is no need to market and build links to the posts. Your audience if they enjoy the articles or posts and think it is a quality piece of content will share it on their presences and on social websites such as digg, stumbleupon, and delicious. There are a few things that can make it easier for your audience to share your presence.

First you need to find yourself some quality retweet buttons and a quality facebook like button. The majority of people who read blogs are on the major social networks twitter and facebook so use this to your advantage. If you are running a wordpress blog then one of the easiest ways to make your presence sharable is adding social buttons. You can search the plugins on the wordpress dashboard. In these plugins there are both social bookmarking and social networking plugins to choose from. Another way you can make it easy for people to share your blog is allowing trackbacks which are links to your post and creating a text area box which displays your linking code. If you do not know how to use HTML then it is imperative you begin learning the web language at When you create your linking code make sure you switch out the title text with different keywords. One important SEO rule is not to have all your links use the same text between the anchor tags. You want links coming in to your website to use an array of related keywords.