Fresh Leads Make Best Internet Marketing Tools.

Leads are the most important tool in you marketing box.

Over 200,000 people start Their Own Home-Based Business every year and the best way to sell yourself and your product is with fresh leads.

Why fresh leads? Because these are new people who have expressed a current and immediate interest in services.

Many have just become new to the internet for a variety of reasons. Whether a stay at home mom, a college student or recently looking for newer opportunities than a current or previous job; they want to know the best and fastest ways to sell to others.

When you purchase leads, keep in mind the importance of obtaining all the key pieces of information regarding leads.

These are:

First and Last Name
Telephone Number
IP Address (this helps when the lead questions your mailings)
Purchasing Interests ( narrows your target and saves your money)

Be wary of companies that sell bulk leads. Usually these are older, uninterested names and in many cases they have been sold and resold making them worthless. Also, assure yourself that at minimum you have the IP address. Spending any money no matter how little on bulk leads can be a waste of precious marketing costs.

Once you obtain your leads, you will need a way to send them.
Usually it is not a good idea to employee your regular email ( This can lead to a potential problem with your mail and service provider(s) if someone claims you have sent unsolicited mailings.

There are many great tools to use for mailing leads, which I will address in future articles.

In the mean time, purchase wisely, carefully in your marketing attempts. Following the above guide lines will make your money making business efforts fun and profitable.

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Dennis Wile markets on the internet and has been for over seven(7)years. He has written extensive articles on various online advertising techniques.
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