Internet Marketing – Sell Your Own Products

Creating a website is easy. You can have your own domain and hosting or you can use one of the free platforms for a blog or personal website. Most people think about monetizing the site and they usually use one or more affiliate or PPC programs. Adding Amazon or AdSense ads is pretty easy and you can immediately start earning money. However, there is a better way to make money online.

With all advertising programs where you display ads or promote products you get only a small commission when you make a sale or few cents when somebody clicks on the ad. With such programs you can earn a decent amount of money, however, it is very likely that you are getting only fractions of real money. You can change this by selling your own products.

You may say that you don’t have products–in such case you can simply create them. You are probably expert in something. If you know how to use Word to write documents then you know how to write a book. You don’t have to write 400 pages, you don’t even have to print the book. You can create an e-book (a PDF file) which you can sell end earn serious money.

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You can also sell website templates, graphic designs, Flash animations, software, tutorials, etc.

If you already have products or services that you can sell then simply create few web pages about them and start promoting your products. Do not forget to optimize pages for right keywords. SEO is essential to succeed online.

In the case you don’t have a product yet then you need to be careful. Before you start creating a product you should check if people need such a product. You should start with keyword research. Start with keywords in the niche where you have some knowledge and find out what people are searching for. You need to find keywords that have high search volume, low competition, and are related to something you are able to offer.

High search volume is needed because it makes no sense to create a product that is rarely used or searched for. For example, you have created a superb product–a real masterpiece.

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It may happen that this product is worthless for online business because nobody needs it.

Low competition is a prerequisite to reach top positions of search results. You will promote the product on pages created around carefully selected keywords and the goal should be to have these pages in search results when people will search for target keywords. When they will see what they are looking for they will click on the link and this will bring them to your page and hopefully they will buy your product. However, if there is huge competition for some keyword you will not be able to have a website on the first page of search results and consequently this will mean no visitors to see and buy your product.

For example, the Free Quark Domains and Hosting website is currently monetized by Amazon and AdSense ads. Since this site is about domains and web hosting there is a possibility to sell templates, CMS extensions or anything related to websites.

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