Wealthy Affiliate University Member – How Much Money Do They Make

If you are contemplating joining Wealthy Affiliate you are probably wondering what kind of money you can expect to make. With countless affiliate training programs promising to make you an overnight millionaire, Wealthy Affiliate goes against the grain and sets the record straight by providing a course that does not mince words, is not overhyped and has a reputation based on the countless successful marketers they have helped create.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or looking at ways you can find instant success, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. Wealthy Affiliate is a school that is about all things internet and affiliate marketing, you will not find any magic bullet theories, secret insider knowledge but what you will find is the most thorough and complete training program in the world. is wealthy affiliate a scam

With over 25,000 members Wealthy Affiliate has helped train some of the biggest Affiliate Marketers in the world, this includes Travis Sago, PotPieGirl and the Affiliate God himself, Ryan Moran. Training is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about by providing step by step tutorials, guides, accreditation courses, tools, templates and other Internet Marketing goodies such as software, website templates and the world renowned Wealthy Affiliate forum.

Making money with Affiliate Marketing requires you to develop a skill set by crafting your trade, unlike other training programs that claim that you simply need to follow their so cold “blueprint” Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to think and feel like an Internet Marketer. Creators Kyle and Carson make it clear from the moment you start your first tutorial and class that your success will be dictated by the action you take and the work you put into your business.

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Make no mistake making money online is like any other business and requires hard work, patience and dedication, like the old saying goes, you get out what you put in. make money with clickbank

Wealthy Affiliate members have gone to create healthy incomes, some ranging in the $1000’s per day after the tutelage provided behind the walls of Wealthy Affiliate. It is common that members begin making $50 and $100 days consistently after only a couple of months, but once again these members are those that take action and use everything at their disposal to make money online. There seems to be common theme amongst those that fail or give up, they do not take action! It may sound like a generalization but making money online isn’t rocket science and with the enormous wealth of information at WA there is no excuse not to succeed if you put in the what that is required.

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Wealthy Affiliate is often described as the pinnacle of Internet Marketing courses, if Wealthy Affiliate was a college it would be up in the ranks of Harvard, MIT and Oxford churning out some of the most successful marketers online for the past 4 years.

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