3 Major Copywriting Mistakes

Copywriting may somewhat seem to be difficult to understand or apply the right way, but there are times when you’ll feel the need to progress and go beyond. Of course this is only possible if you are not making silly mistakes like the ones we will discuss in this article.

All sales copy exists to produce sales, and another important function is to inspire trust in you and your business.

One clever yet important trick you need to know about, and learn how to do, is to express anything negative in terms that are positive or neutral words. Highly negative words and expressions will only bring down your sales and affect your conversions. There’s a process occurring in your reader, your copy is attempting to affect the readers emotional state that will allow the purchase to happen, and if you stir up a lot of negative emotions it can have the opposite effect. It’s just that using negative words, concepts, or ideas inadvertantly may be counter-productive to your efforts.

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However sometimes you have to use certain descriptions that seem negative such as when you’re trying to appeal their feelings about the problem you’re trying to solve. It’s also appropriate to use some negative words within your main headline or even subheadings, but avoid over-doing it. All sales copy has strategy and tactics involved with it, and that’s the main reason for using negative words – they help to accomplish the overall goal.

Remember… paragraphs are not to be more than 5 sentences, but it’s ok if they’re shorter than that. And remember that white space is your friend in sales letters, it reduces strain on the eyes and helps readers to stay relaxed. Readers of sales copy can be picky, and if you can discomfort or annoy them in any way they’ll turn around and be gone. Another important point about paragraphs is they should only be about one single point you’re making and not more than that. Avoid the mistake of falling in love with your own writing because that leads to things like making pointless comments that support nothing other than your ego. Learn how to write compelling stories because you can totally transform underperforming copy with a great story that sucsk the reader into your copy. You can open your copy with a story, but don’t make it too long and keep referring back to it in your copy. Of course you’ll want to break up your story copy just like anything else with the short paragraph format. Even promotions for topics like Instant Article Wizard coupon codes or WooThemes discounts will start to see improvement with these tips.

Don’t make a mistake and decide that including a P.S. in your sales letter is not important. It’s as vital as your headline because it improves your conversion rate. You use the P.S. (“post script”) to remind your customer about the benefits of using your product. The P.S. is the last chance you have to get your buyer to take action. There are going to be times when your buyer doesn’t really know if he should actually hit “purchase”. The P.S. is what will close the deal for you in those moments.

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In addition to that it also allows you to give away very time sensitive details that will make the prospect act quickly. Helping your prospect take quick action and making them feel the worth of your product is important if you really want to bring in sales to the table. Those are the moments when a P.S. is essential to making the sale.

You can easily and quickly improve your copy by learning about the mistakes that are easy to avoid – and you’ll get instant improvement.

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