The Method Of Interviewing In Marketing Research

The most used and popular method in marketing research – a method of interview. The interview allows you to find problems, desires, interests and needs of your target audience.
Unlike customary mass public survey the interviews give the most detailed and accurate information.

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This is the interview of the target audience. There is an interview with an expert.
Expert interview is a detailed conversation with the expert of a certain area on a given topic or issue. This interview provides a fresh look at the problem and identifies ways of its solution. All interviews are recorded on tape.
It should be noted that interviews are conducted on a pre-prepared questionnaire. That’s how properly drafted a questionnaire depends on the truthfulness and usefulness of the replies. Otherwise, market research can not only bring the company anything useful, but also it can create some huge problems in the form of damages, and dissatisfied customers.

The interview is widely used in journalism. In addition to the interview desk research is used in marketing research. Desk research is a search, analysis and communication. You can find the information in print or online, for example.
Focus groups are used in marketing research. Massive interview relates to quantitative research. Focus groups are also referred to a qualitative research.

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Focus groups aim to assess the specific situation / problem. Moreover, the target audience of the goods / services is given to analyze and discuss the problem.
The results of this study are rather subjective in nature, for many reasons. For example, the same human factor, because of which people may misunderstand the situation. Let’s talk about advertising.

It is necessary to say at once that advertising is an empty place without marketing. Imagine the situation. You designed cool, creative advertising of accounting services, and it does not work! Why? Because you have placed it at the entrances of houses! And in such places as a rule, accountants are not usual. Though the marketing research, preceding the development of advertising helps to avoid such situations.

With proper planning, advertising should be considered as to where to place advertising, on which media you should post it. If it is audio or video ad should be aware of what time it is better to display ads. There are many nuances – and they must all take into account that there was proper holistic picture that will attract even more customers in your business.

Interviews are often used in advertising. For example, in television advertising. In those ads interviews with doctors, athletes and others are shown. The interview is an effective method of advertising. Thus, advertising can demonstrate the positive qualities of the goods or services described in an interview. Interview used in advertising, calls for trust and believability.

In addition to the interview other effective tools and techniques can be used in advertising. This may be the actors and other celebrities. What tools to use in advertising depends on the type and placement of advertising.

So, we should pay attention to the target audience, for who is the advertising. It was given many details, it is possible to develop effective advertising. This task handles media planning and scheduling of advertising. Planning advertising answers questions:
– What is for an advertising campaign;
– To whom is your advertising;
– Where, how and when the ads will be displayed (the most effective advertising);
– What is the effectiveness of advertising (which will be the response yet to this ad.)

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